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The Benefits

Why RAM Pavement Services, Inc.?

RAM Pavement Services, Inc. combines several individual maintenance techniques and compounds the advantages of each, significantly extending the life of your pavement.

In addition to quality services, we also offer superior customer service for the duration of the project life cycle.

As a proactive company, RAM Pavement Services, Inc. is flexible in adjusting to different infrastructure sizes. From small companies with minor needs to working with facilities departments on large scale projects, RAM offers the best in personalized service.

A pavement management plan (PMP) is a strategic analysis of pavement conditions, determining the type, cost and timing of maintenance and rehabilitation actions needed in various paved areas, prioritizing needs with respect to available funds, and budgeting the cost of improvements over several years.

By applying this methodology, RAM Pavement Services, Inc. makes the provisions necessary for a smooth, seamless project.