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Tennis Court Repairs

Tennis Court RepairsEventually all tennis courts show wear and in some instances start to crack up. We will come and evaluate your situation as all sport courts are different. We will make any necessary pavement repairs, repair all the cracks with an Acrylic Binder patch, surface the entire surface with an Acrylic Resurfacer, apply two coats of color, and then re-line the court. Then end result is a brand new court without the cost of removing the entire surface, dressing up the sub-base, installing new asphalt and then adding Resurfacer & Paint. Note: there is NO Guarantee that all cracks will disappear for good in a 12-month period.

Tennis Court Resurfacing: 
1. Remove any loose or delaminating surface

2. Remove vegetation and repair cracks with Sportsmaster Acrylic Patch Binder

3. Apply Sportsmaster Acrylic Resurfacer to entire playing surface – 1 Coat

4. Apply (2) coats of color and re-stripe

5. Repair necessary amount of cracks with Sportsmaster Acrylic Binder Patch

Note: There is no guarantee that cracks repaired will not reappear through resurfacer in a 12-month period.

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